LED car lights are so hot, are you sure of business opportunities?

Release Time:2019-09-29 
Abst:China's automotive lighting market capacity market informationAccording to the statistics released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of December 20

China's automotive lighting market capacity market information

According to the statistics released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of December 2016, the number of motor vehicles in the country reached 290 million, including 194 million vehicles; 360 million motorists, including more than 310 million motorists. This marks China's upcoming become the world's largest vehicle ownership.

According to experts' prediction, the global automotive lighting market will have a capacity of 30 billion US dollars. LED is recognized as a typical representative of low-carbon environmental protection. The LED main light source will become the darling of the automotive lighting field, thus forming a market demand of tens of billions or even hundreds of billions. According to statistics from the customs and international website platforms, automotive lighting suppliers from China accounted for 76.3% of the automotive aftermarket. China's LED automotive lighting application manufacturing has reached the world's advanced level.

Since 2017, LED light source lights have experienced double-digit growth in the Chinese market, and LED lights will enter a stage of rapid development. In the post-market circulation field, it has gradually moved from the non-mainstream market to the mainstream market. At this time, there is another voice in the market. If it is so hot, will it shorten the industrial development cycle. On this issue, Xiao Bian also cautiously consulted industry traders and experts, and the information he got from it was “not also”. Looking at the development history of the global lamp industry, in the development of halogen lamps, we have about 40% difference in technical quality with international companies. In the current development of HID, the difference is less than 20%, and the current popular LED car From the perspective of the proportion of lights in the automotive aftermarket, China's LED applications can now be said to lead the world. From the point of view of the number of motor vehicles in China and the world, halogen lamps still account for 53% of the vehicles. From the LED replacement market of motor vehicles, the LEDs are still in the initial development stage, and the development space is still very huge, so the industry is worried. The development cycle is just a domain rather than a global perspective. In addition, from the current main source of society, we have not seen a new generation of social main light source alternative product form, the LED lamp bead in the upstream of the industrial chain is still in the perfect development.

 LED lights are so hot, some people want to ask what is the reason behind it?

 First, the LED lamp products are low-voltage start-up, and the safety factor is relatively high. Second, the LED lamp products are instantly activated, which is more in line with the needs of human vehicles. Third, the LED lamp products have a longer life than halogen lamps and HIDs. Basically, it exceeds double digits. Fourthly, energy conservation and environmental protection have obvious advantages for the development of new energy vehicles in the future trend. Fifth, with the continuous optimization and improvement of the upstream high-power LED lamp bead industry chain, the cost-effectiveness of LED lamps will further appear. Sixth, the LED light source has relatively strong plasticity, which is very suitable for future personalized consumption trends. So far, six points are enough to support the development of LED lighting in vehicle lighting systems. The above six advantages have led to the vigorous development of LED lights.

 Where are the annual marketing time nodes for LED lights?

Time is the key to determining whether LED lights are "homeopathic." From the point of view of the upstream lamp-packing enterprise, due to the leading role of LED lighting in China, the annual release period of the industry's upstream high-power LED lamp beads is undoubtedly in China, and the LED lamp bead is released in the end of June each year. Although the performance of LED lamp bead is improved every month every year, it is a time period in which the iteration is greatly improved in the end of June each year (increasing the difference of 15 to 20%). If the LED lamp application manufacturer releases the finished lamp in mid-July, the product parameters are supported by data. Secondly, the market acceptance is “homeopathic”.

Under the new pattern, how to hold up the LED lights and the business opportunities?

First of all, from the consumption trigger point, consumption is built on demand, demand is restricted by information flow, and information flow is certain in a certain environment and time. Bandwidth is equivalent to a road can run at the same time. Say 8 cars, if we can occupy multiple channels, the information flow must be taken up by us, and our products will have more consumption opportunities, so it is important to occupy the information channel and industry "identification".

Furthermore, material demand will be further satisfied from the country's macroeconomic trends, supply-side structural reforms, economic transformation, credit quality construction, and the realization of the goal of a well-off society. From the five-level theory of Maslow's demand, we can learn that China will soon enter the stage of spiritual demand for security, emotional affiliation and pursuit of respect and self-transcendence. This stage of demand is also the best opportunity for corporate brand growth to absorb nutrients. Will enter the fast-growing channel.

At present, China's industry has experienced more than 30 years of reform and opening up. If we are still looking for a gap with our competitors in the "good quality and low price of products", the development space will be limited, and the operation of enterprises will be transferred to brands, services and models. In competition, the original time and energy ratio of the company will also change greatly (sales and service 8:2, it is bound to be transformed into sales and service 2:8, during the industry exhibition, product launch conference, dealer annual meeting is this Transforming important ways and methods), and distance from competitors, the curve overtaking effect will also be generated. Fortunately, we are all the experience and source of this revolution, quoting the words of Grandpa Mao, "The number of romantic figures, still look at the present", the era also helps the warriors who win the narrow road, let us join hands Go forward.

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