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Expanding the product line and starting to develop and produce aviation LED products

Rhine IATF16949 certification

Guangtai laboratory certification


Xi 'an LED r&d center was established

Introduction of Korean automatic production line, halogen lamp full series production line upgrade


Establish halogen business unit to prepare for entering the OEM market.

Invest6 million US dollars to introduce three Korean halogen lamp production line.


LED car headlights full access to the market.


The company started to research and development halogen headlamps products that meet the SAE standard, and achieved the mating of domestic automotive lighting factory.

Introduce LED production, begin to produce truck headlamps and auxiliary lights lighting.


Company completed the R & D of closed lights that meet the SAE standard, and put it into production.


Company independently designed halogen-type closed lamp production line and began to develop and sell halogen-type closed lights.

The company introduced 900 series of halogen lamp production line, complete a full range of automotive halogen production.


The company introduced the stage metal halide lamp production line, produce HID for stage.


Company technology research and development center was established and began to produce domestic H series crystal combination lights.

Introduced Korean stage lamp automatic production line, and closed lamp production line for technological innovation, complete semi-automatic production transformation.

The introduction of South Korea automatic H7 halogen production line, independent design H1, H3 halogen lamp production line, improve the halogen lamp product line.


The glass factory make technological innovation, complete semi-automatic production transformation.


Companies invest in electronic ballast line, produce supporting HID xenon lamp trigger.


The company introduced HID production line from Germany, began to produce and sale HID headlamps.


The company invested in new plant construction, introduce the first H4 halogen lamp automatic production line from South Korea, began the production and sale of halogen lamps.


The company invested in the lamp production line and stage lamp production line, began to produce small car bulbs and stage projection lamp.


Company invested in semi-closed lamp production line, and improved the car headlamps product line.


The company re-invested in closed light production line and glass production line, and owned five closed light production lines and three glass production lines, began selling productions to foreign markets.


Company invested in glass production lines to create Guangtai lighting glass production plant.


Continue to increase the product, 5 "square lights and 7"square lights, complete the production of a series of closed light, which mainly sale in domestic market.


Adjust the product structure, increase PAR46, PAR56 closed lights, which mainly sale in the domestic market.


Guangtai Lighting company set up and invested in the first closed light production line, the main products PAR36 sale in domestic market.

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