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Release Time:2018-05-16 
Abst:■  型号:H1﹑H3﹑H4﹑H7﹑H8/9/11﹑9005/6﹑9012■  电压:12V  24V■  功率:近光30W  远光60W■  色温:6500K■  特点:▷美国原装进口CREE灯珠  ▷双滚球风扇  ▷超导热石墨烯  ▷热电分离铜基板  ▷高亮度精准光型  ▷宽

■ Model: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8/9/11, 9005/6, 9012

■ Voltage: 12V 24V

■ Power: low beam 30W high beam 60W

■ Color temperature: 6500K

■ Features: ▷ US imported CREE lamp beads ▷ Double ball fans ▷ Super thermal conductivity graphene ▷ Thermoelectric separation copper substrate ▷ High brightness and precision light type ▷ Wide voltage constant current drive ▷ Patented product long life



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